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Welcome to Country Sports and Travel, LLC..  The new home of the Shooting Party, the ultimate Edwardian country house party experience.  Driven bird shooting at it's best on exclusive private estates.  Live in the lap of luxury, and enjoy the sport of Kings, in surroundings that would impress King Edward himself.  Please join us for a wonderful adventure travel experience.

During the late Victorian period and the Edwardian period roughly 1860 to the first world war, the Royal Shooting Party was the height of entertainment and sport.  Shooting parties became the fashion, with ladies and gentlemen entertained at lavish Manor Houses, surrounded by thousands of acres of land that were groomed primarily for the sport of driven bird shooting.  King Edward VII, especially when he was Prince of Wales, was entertained at these parties, with a no expense spared attitude.


The idea of the Shooting Party, was not just for the sport of driven bird shooting, but also for the non-shooting spouses to enjoy a relaxing time in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of London.  In the evening, all would gather around the dinner table, sharing their experiences, over sumptuous meals.  The guests often traveled from estate to estate, and many of them would attend these parties from August 12, the "Glorious Twelfth", or the start of Grouse season, until the end of January when Pheasant and Partridge season closed.


We at Country Sports and Travel, LLC decided that it was time to recreate that fabulous experience.


Driven shoots and driven bird shooting are available in abundance, but we feel that no one else offers the true Shooting Party experience.  It's not just about the driven bird shooting, it's about the entire "Party" theme.  We stay at beautifully appointed properties, either private Manor Houses, or Hotels that were formerly Manor Houses.  Non-Shooters have an active though relaxed itinerary available.  We strive to include visits to sights that are not available to individuals.  In the past we have had private tours of Sandringham, Holkham Hall, and Chatsworth House, the Crown Jewels of the Edwardian era.


Adventure travel is our passion, please join us for these unique experiences. 

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