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Since 2001, our mission has been to provide the ultimate Victorian/Edwardian country house party experience.  Field sports will involve driven bird shooting, primarily Pheasant and Partridge, on private estates.  You will also stay at private manor houses, or hotels that were formerly manor houses, with service befitting Ladies and Gentlemen.  Non-shooters will tour the local area's, visiting sights of historical interest.


During the Golden Age of driven shooting, the Shooting Party experience was not just in the field.  In the evenings, lavish dinners were prepared and the guests enjoyed the company of the shooter and non-shooter alike.


It's not just about the shooting, but the entire "Shooting Party" theme.


We strive to offer the total experience to our guests, with no compromises.


John F. (Jack) LaPenta


It's not just a Driven Bird Shooting Experience, it's not just a tour, it's the Ultimate Shooting Party!